Some ways in which to experience the London art scene to the fullest

Do you wish you knew much more about how the modern art movements are evolving currently, in all the different forms that artworks can take? Read on for some intriguing prospects.

Living in such a big and diverse city, there are usually some prospects for discovering completely new things. One among these might be exploring a completely new art form, a method of creating artworks you had never ever taken into account before, like for example screen printing. This fascinating procedure can be admired and discovered at places like Susan Clarke's Studio, which organises classes and courses on this characteristic tactic. If you control to drop by for an open studio day, you might be able to see some striking artwork of London artists, going from colourful colour-blocking that depicts the city, to much more abstract and experimental pieces.

If you like to follow current trends and always be up to date with the latest news, you are probably conscious of the big outcome that the digital era is having on our society. While this is likely mentioned in different articles and thought-provoking books, remember that one among the primary purposes of art is every now and then to provide a critique of the world we live in through a visual input. If you find this appealing, you should take a look at exhibits like the ones at Sadie Cole HQ, a London art gallery that focuses on both emerging and established artists, applying symbols of the digital age as a commentary of society.

One of the forms of arts which are probably the most available to everybody is actually photography: nowadays, pretty much every person owns a smartphone with a decent photographic camera, and even the most ordinary elements of our life might be captured with gorgeous composition and use of light. If you aspire to be one among the top contemporary photographers, needless to say, you should invest in the proper equipment and it will take lots of practice, but if you're only a little bit curious, why not check out the work of some London photographers? You could even enroll in one of Frank Zweegers’ Art workshops, based in the city, which frequently concern the art of photography.

Every now and then, the most fascinating form of art is the one that is simply under our noses: for sure, there are a lot of museums and cool exhibitions, but the streets could be the finest London gallery, and free for everybody to see. With so much graffiti art in many of the city’s coolest districts, you can possibly start recognising varied artists in the buildings you walk past every day. It could likewise be a source of inspiration for your own art: a few of the best photo spots in London might only be the contrasting colours of a mural.

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